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The first professional show Ete and Tofiga did together was called “Laughing With Samoans” which premiered in February 2003 at the New Zealand Fringe Festival at the Illott Chamber of the Wellington Town Hall, New Zealand. “Laughing With Samoans” was an instant hit, selling out in Wellington, Auckland and a return season in Wellington.

The show featured Tofiga as the MC, another young Samoan comedian, James Nokise as the opening act and Ete as the main attraction. By the end of the first Auckland season however, Ete and Tofiga decided to develop the show into a two-man show as James was looking to travel overseas.

“Laughing With Samoans” was such a hit people started referring to Ete and Tofiga as ‘the Laughing With Samoans guys’, so they abbreviated and adopted the name and the Laughing Samoans was born.

In October 2004, the Laughing Samoans premiered their first show as a duo called A Small Samoan Wedding. This was another hit with sell out shows throughout New Zealand, the Big Laugh Festival in Sydney, Australia, the 5,000 seater fMf Dome in Suva, Fiji, and the 2,000 seater National Auditorium in Rarotonga. It also toured Hawai’i and the United States.

Since then the Laughing Samoans have produced and toured a new show every twelve months, playing to larger venues in more and more places. In 2005 it was Old School, 2006 it was Off Work and last year it was Crack Me Off.

This year the new show will be Prettyfull Woman starring none other than one of the prettyfull Aunty Tala herself trying her luck in a beauty pageant.

Ete and Tofiga are humbled by the support they’ve received from their fans and they look back with gratitude at how they’ve gone from playing to a packed 300 seater theatre in Wellington back in 2003 to now selling out the 2,500 seater Aotea Centre in Auckland regularly. As Uncle Sam himself would say “I gan’t belive it!”

“…continuous laughter for an hour and a half…”