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  1. Sep


    Posted: 8:51pm

    Hi Ete and Tofiga,
    Going to your show tonight in Port Hedland. I went last year and it was awesome to see the ‘brown brotherhood’ all under one roof. Loved your show last year and know I’ll love it again tonight. My kids 16,14 and 7 are looking forward to the show even more then me and their dad lol. They’ve been practicing their Tala and island time impersonations, too funny. See you tonight at the Matt Dann Cultural Centre.

  2. Sep


    Posted: 10:40am

    add me on facebook Question When will you Retire coz i never wnat you to lol

  3. Sep


    Posted: 1:02am

    Hi Heather. Hope you and the kids enjoyed last night’s show. We had a great time under performing for another sell-out crowd. Look forward to returning with a new show.

  4. Sep


    Posted: 1:22am

    Thanks Jerry. We will retire when the laughter stops. Doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon so fingers crossed it never does. Thank you for your support and like us on FB.

  5. Sep


    Posted: 7:30am

    Any plans to come to Oahu in the near future. Love to have an opportunity to see you live! Aloha.

  6. Sep


    Posted: 3:28pm

    No plans at this stage… but we’ll see what the new year brings.

  7. Sep

    Barb Hart

    Posted: 12:47am

    Thanks for another wonderful show, this time in Perth :-) loved it! Xxx u fullas are funny!

  8. Sep

    Tiare C

    Posted: 3:33pm

    What a way to spend a Saturday night here in Perth! You guys have raised the bar on this one and it is my favourite one by far! Well done on an awesome performance, very talented and to do it all without a break. Legends!!! P.S because I showed up island time 8:01pm I missed out on your promo DVDs and T-Shirt sales. Can you buy last nights show on line?
    Meitaki Ma’ata :)

  9. Sep


    Posted: 4:35pm

    Went to the perth show last night. What can I say? It was very very well polished (policed) and the reaction of the crowd would give u a 10/10 rating. U had us all in hysterics. Also big cudos for staying on after the show to take time to have photos taken and shake hands and chat with fans. I only seen u guys on u youtube prior to last night and I am sold on seeing u live!!! Please come back to Perth soon. My fav was the 3 little pigs. What a classic!!! Big big big thanks!!!

  10. Sep


    Posted: 8:25pm

    The Fresh Off Da Blane DVD will be out in time for Christmas this year.

  11. Oct


    Posted: 3:32am

    Hi guys you two are the best. I go and see you wherever you are.. you both dnt even have to say anything and i crack up.. ur last show i tried to buy a shirt but they had sold out is there anywhr i can purchase a shirt.. thank

  12. Oct


    Posted: 7:27pm

    Hi Kristie. No unfortunately we only sell our t-shirts at our shows. Thank you for your support and sorry we ran out of t-shirts before you bought one.

  13. Oct


    Posted: 1:46am

    Just wanted to know if you will be coming to melbourne australia to do a show? Love seeing your videos and would live to see you live. Keep up the good work guys. Alofas xo

  14. Oct


    Posted: 9:22am

    We’ve already been to Melbourne. We were there on the 21st of June where we sold out at the Melbourne Town Hall. Sorry you missed it.

  15. Oct

    Hineata Heyblom

    Posted: 7:42pm

    Thank you soooo much for the joy and laughter you have brought to our home. We hired your DVD’s at the local store and have been watching Greatest Hits and Choka Block over and over all holidays. May the grace, mercy and strength of our Lord Jesus remain upon you and all your whanau throughout the year. Dean and Hineata Heyblom. Te Puke NZLD.

  16. Oct


    Posted: 9:05pm

    When are you back in Christchurch? We love your shows :-)

  17. Oct


    Posted: 6:07am

    My family and I enjoy watching your you tube videos…is there plans to come to Hawaii to do a show?

  18. Oct


    Posted: 8:14pm

    Not at this stage sorry.

  19. Oct


    Posted: 9:01am

    Hi Etc and Tofiga

    I see the tour dates, but no Auckland show. Would you please consider having Auckland as one of your concert dates in the future. You guys are brilliant and so funny.

    Thanks for the laughter

  20. Oct


    Posted: 4:22pm

    Hi ete and tofiga

    My name is paulina and im also from wellington but I was wandering wen u will be coming bk to melbourne I seriousli thought you would be performing at the drum thearte in dandenong this year but it didnt happen im a huge fan of u guys but was hoping if u guys would be planning to perform in dandenong for the locals who missed out this year?? Cnt wait to see u bk in aussie possibly melbourne

    Thank you and god bless

  21. Oct


    Posted: 6:42am

    I would love to see you guys. When are coming to San Francisco, San Jose… Bay Area?

  22. Oct


    Posted: 3:58pm

    When you mob coming up the Darwin? You are coming close enough but Mt Isa is just a little too far for my clan to travel. Please see if this can be done in the near future. Ka kite.

  23. Oct


    Posted: 3:48pm

    Hi boys,
    I’m wondering how come you missed Melbourne this time?
    My kids and I love your shows so much.
    I wonder if not enough people or not good promotion in Melbourne?
    Just wondering.

  24. Oct


    Posted: 6:59pm

    We were there in June and sold out the Melbourne Town Hall. We will be back in August next year with a new show. Cheers

  25. Oct


    Posted: 10:10pm

    Hey Ete & Tofiga guys coming to your 5pm show in sydney can’t wait ,I can have a crap day & put your DVDs on my self and kids love you guys allways cheer us up
    Cheers boys see you there have a great tour

  26. Oct


    Posted: 2:42pm

    Hi Ete & Tofiga,
    Your show last night at UNSW was sensational! I come from a Muslim background and am married to a Samoan – so when you started on Islam I got a little bit nervous. But when you came to the Ramadan punch line – I was in absolute hysterics – I have never laughed so much. You both are not only laugh out loud funny, but brilliant & professional. Such a gift. Thank you.

  27. Oct


    Posted: 3:36pm

    Hi Yasmine. Thank you so much for your post. Pleased you weren’t offended by the Muslim reference in the show and appreciated that the joke was on the Samoan appetite rather than Islam and Ramadan. We aim to laugh at ourselves before we laugh at anyone else. Take care and hope you’ll return for more Laughing Samoans jokes in the future.

  28. Oct


    Posted: 4:26pm

    Hi lads

    enjoyed you sydney show on the 25oct.. Its our 3time now.. think also we must be you only Asian fans lol.

    c u guys again soon

  29. Oct


    Posted: 3:33pm

    Utah misses you guys!!!! Please come back, I remember the last time I had a real good laugh and wish that yall could come back….
    You know you guys were a sold out stage the last time in SLC. I bet our Poly nation would double that next time….

  30. Nov


    Posted: 6:24pm

    Hi Tofiga & Ete!,
    Hope alls well…just wanting to know when ur next show in Melbourne will be?…as the last time we saw u guys was when u when my staff boarded one of our flights to go home and I remember asking Tofiga about shows and said u just had one the night before out South :( :(
    Please advise thnx :)

  31. Nov


    Posted: 6:06pm

    sorry that was when my staff boarded u on one of our flights bak to wellytown over a year ago :(
    tke care and gb! :)

  32. Nov


    Posted: 6:47am

    We’ll be doing a new show on Friday 14th August at Hamer Hall, Melbourne Arts Centre. Hope to see you then!

  33. Nov

    Alfred B. Calvin

    Posted: 2:43pm

    Hi Ete and Tofiga

    Greeting from Marshall Islands which is part of Pacific Islander. I just wondering if you two could come by Marshall Islands at Majuro which is the Capital City of the Marshall Islands and show your talent to each and everyone of us here in Marshall Islands. Please email me for more detail about Majuro, Marshall Islands. To be honestly you guys are most popular movies here at Marshall Islands. HIt me and email me.


  34. Nov

    bob szczepanski

    Posted: 2:05am

    Tofiga and Ete
    I love your performances I found Fortune Tela watching fresh and the found the laughing Samoans while I was in Nz last June. Just got back from Rarotonga and wished I could have changed my schedule to see you in person there is not a day that I wake up and put on one of skits and laugh. Thanks guys come to the States again
    I try to tell everyone I know about your show.

  35. Nov


    Posted: 12:47am

    Just been to your show here in Mackay, Queensland. It was one of the best shows we have been to as a family. Very funny and the improv to suit the location and crowd was outstanding. Well done on putting on a great family show for young and old.
    Look forward to seeing you back in Mackay again.

  36. Nov


    Posted: 1:02am

    just watched the show at logan. such a crack up! My partner and have been trying to see you live for 3 years but have had best friends weddings on so had to give our tickets away. So glad that we finally saw you! Was well worth the wait! Definitely will be at future shows.

  37. Nov


    Posted: 10:45pm

    Kia ora,
    Just wondering when the info will be released for your tour next year in Auckland (I’m assuming there will be one).
    Thanks :)

  38. Nov


    Posted: 1:09pm

    We’ll be making an announcement in two weeks or so when tickets go on sale. Cheers

  39. Dec


    Posted: 7:18pm

    Just wondering if you have any tours planned for America Samoa. Loved your Fobulas tour and would love to see you again.

  40. Dec

    Elena Tuputala

    Posted: 12:03pm

    Wanted to know whether you are touring America ( Dallas)in 2015. I would love to come to your show and I would need to take time of from work if I knew you were planning on coming next year or even 2016.I know that’s so far away,but time flies and before you know it, it has flown right pass without you being aware of it. I live in Little Rock, AR so I have to travel.
    Thanks a lot. I do enjoy watching you on you tube and even DVDs sent from family in NZ.

  41. Dec


    Posted: 11:40am

    Hi Clare. Unfortunately we’re not going to be touring American Samoa this year. Hopefully we’ll be back again next year. Kind regards!

  42. Dec


    Posted: 11:28am

    Hi Elena. We don’t have any plans at this stage to tour the US. But we’ll be back there some time in the future. We’ll definitely keep you posted here.

  43. Dec

    Chelsea Horsford

    Posted: 9:37pm

    Hi was wanting to know if you are coming to whangarei for your fink about it tour, also the kerikeri show you have put for next year, you have it named fresh off da plane

  44. Dec


    Posted: 12:36pm

    Thank you for pointing that out Chelsea. We’ll fix it now!

  45. Dec


    Posted: 1:41pm

    Hi ete & tofiga just windering your when dvd for fresh of da blane releases plz.
    Awesome work look fowrd to your new show

  46. Dec


    Posted: 1:17pm

    Hi there guys
    When will fresh off da blane be available on dvd?

  47. Dec


    Posted: 5:26am

    The Fresh Off Da Blane DVD should be in usual stores within the next fortnight or so.

  48. Dec


    Posted: 5:01am

    The Fresh Off Da Blane DVD should be available from usual outlets within a fortnight or so.

  49. Dec


    Posted: 8:23pm

    Hello, was wondering if you were doing any shows in sydney anytime soon. Been wanting to go to one of your shows for a while. Thanks :)

  50. Dec


    Posted: 8:25am

    We’re going to be in Sydney on Saturday the 26th of September 2015. We’ll post details of show on our Tour Info page soon.

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