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  1. Sep


    Posted: 6:41pm

    Hi Jenisa,
    That’s awesome. We can’t wait to perform in Vanuatu for the first time ever. Look forward to hopefully meeting you and your family.

  2. Sep

    Ingrid Nieuwoudt

    Posted: 4:58pm

    Good afternoon,
    We are having our long service awards on the 4th November 2016 in West Auckland and would love know if you’d be interested to do a show for a Tegel forward event

  3. Sep


    Posted: 2:43pm

    What’s a Tegel forward event? E-mail us on if you want to talk more. Regards.

  4. Oct

    Miriam Crothall

    Posted: 10:24pm

    Hi I’m Miriam I l love uouy guys!you were in Christchurch on the 16th of September I believe my brother checked it out for my birthday outing the only problem is apparently last time you apparently didn’t have Wheelchair access. O
    was disappointed. Just wondered if you could find out if your next venue is “wheelchair friendly” I’d be delighted to come and see you. My favourite scene was Paul and the other fellow talking about their lunch and ‘chasing the girls” look forward to hearing back from you…oh I’m hearing impaired and my visions OK but limited and er as I said if there’s a front seat for a electric wheelchair er I’ve been through a lot I’ll be one happy woman

    Please contact me on 021525234 or text so I can read it or miriamcrothall16 many thanks Miriam

  5. Oct

    greg kerslake

    Posted: 12:15am

    Guy’s, we want your show back in Newcastle NSW asap.
    Don’t forget us but you need better/broader advertising

  6. Oct

    Dan Te Huna

    Posted: 7:25pm

    Is there an age limit for your show. My 6 year old loves your show on tv.
    Cheers and stay awesome!!

  7. Oct


    Posted: 1:05pm

    Hi goin to the show in welly fri night. Quick question is this an adults only show or is it suitable for 15 year old girl?

  8. Oct

    millie vai

    Posted: 10:39pm

    Hi, my husband took my 12 yr daughter to your show early this evening at manukau. It was a surprise for her as she is a HUGE fan of yours and watches yr dvd’s all the time! It was her first time watching yr show live!!! She was surprised and very emotional and had the best time!!! Thank you! She used to watch yr dvd’s all the time with her nana who passed away 2yrs ago frm cancer so yr work has brought her so much JOY! Thank you again for all you do to bring laughter into lots of homes. God bless you both!

  9. Oct

    gina edmondsYour Name (required)

    Posted: 1:35pm

    Talofa Lava, my daughter and I saw your performance at Northland College, I am trying too find out the price of a ticket for the Whangarei Show, but the o800 number is not allocated to the outlet, please help

    Gina and Seshat

  10. Oct


    Posted: 11:02am

    Hi Miriam. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. We were of the view that the Aurora Performing Arts Centre did have wheel chair access. Let us check with them and come back to you with a definitive reply. Unfortunately the Aurora Performing Arts Centre is one of the most suitable venues for our show in Christchurch. But we’ll certainly have a look.

  11. Oct


    Posted: 11:14am

    Hi Greg. Yes as much as we enjoy performing for our loyal and hard core fans like you in Newcastle, we also have to remain viable as a business and we haven’t been able to justify the expense of coming to Newcastle in the last few years with the small numbers we’ve been getting. All the best!

  12. Oct


    Posted: 11:03am

    Hi Dan. No there’s no age limit to our shows. Sorry about not getting back sooner. Have been busy on the road and with other business too. Cheers and hope to see you at our next show.

  13. Oct


    Posted: 11:32am

    Hi Melisa. So sorry for not getting back to you on time. Yes our shows are always suitable for adults and children. What you see on our DVDs is what you see on stage. In fact our shows on Maori TV are from our actual live shows and were not tailored for TV only.

  14. Oct


    Posted: 11:20am

    Hi Millie. Thank you so much for your message and glad to hear your 12 year old daughter enjoyed our show at the Vodafone Events Centre on Saturday. We don’t fully appreciate the impact that our work has on the lives of so many people until we get messages like yours. We are pleased that what we do has brought more than just laughter to your family. Say hi to your daughter for us and hope to bring another show back to the Vodafone Events Centre next year.

  15. Oct


    Posted: 11:25am

    Hi Gina. The number for tickets to our show in Whangarei on 25th of November is 0800 842 538. Sorry about the wrong number on our Tour Info page. We will correct that mistake now.

  16. Oct


    Posted: 4:15pm

    Hi Ete and Tofiga
    I’m after your latest DVD I think it was filmed in Melbourne last year. Could you please tell me the name of 2015s DVD and the date of release of the 2016 DVD! My niece is a huge fan and id love to get them for her bday/Christmas present!
    Much thanks Mele

  17. Nov


    Posted: 6:42am

    Hi Mele. The DVD we recorded in Melbourne last year was called Fink About It. Our DVD for this year is called Island Time and will be out by the beginning of December.

  18. Nov

    Litea Kale

    Posted: 8:20am


  19. Nov


    Posted: 4:49pm

    can you please check if there is a show coming up in Sydney Australia?

  20. Nov


    Posted: 3:12pm

    We’re very sorry that we haven’t had the chance to come to the mainland in the last few years as touring New Zealand and Australia and the Pacific Islands has kept us very busy. We’re going to take a break from touring next year so we’re probably not going to get the chance to visit in the foreseeable future. Sorry about it.

  21. Nov


    Posted: 3:54pm

    Sorry we’ve already been to Sydney three times this year and we’re going to take a break from the Laughing Samoans next year so at this stage we’re not going to be in Sydney in the foreseeable future.

  22. Nov

    Cate O'Connell

    Posted: 1:10pm

    Talofa lava!! Thank you for the wonderful show in Palmerston North 26 Nov 2016. Your end announcement was shocking & sad but understandable. Good wishes for the future & I look forward to the resurrection of Laughing Samoans or some other entity of either the two of you or a solo act. Have a great break & enjoy your time with your families. They deserve you!!

  23. Dec


    Posted: 8:08pm

    When are you guys coming back to Honolulu Hawaii?

  24. Dec


    Posted: 2:58pm

    Hi Cate. Thank you very much for your post and apologies for not replying sooner. We’ve just completed our final Island Time shows in New Plymouth last weekend and that’s it for us now. Yes it is sad but all good things must come to an end as they say. We’ve been blessed to have had the support of people like you and we’ll miss performing as a duo but we are happy that we’ve been able to end this journey under our own terms and with our popularity at an all time high. Who knows what the future will bring but for now it’s thank you very much much and good night.

  25. Dec


    Posted: 2:24pm

    Hi Mary. Unfortunately we’ve decided that Island Time will be our last touring show for now. So we won’t be going anywhere for the foreseeable future and we take a break from performing as a duo. It’s been a wonderful journey and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed it but for now we’ll go our own separate ways and pursue other avenues and see what the future holds.

  26. Mar


    Posted: 6:12pm

    When will they be back in Melbourne. Missed their last show here.


  27. May

    Becca jackson

    Posted: 6:57pm

    Wen will you b tourin in northern cali?

  28. Jun


    Posted: 10:22pm

    Sorry. As you’ll see from our homepage, we’re no longer doing any shows as the Laughing Samoans.

  29. Jun


    Posted: 10:52pm

    We’re no longer doing any shows as the Laughing Samoans. Thanks for your support over the years!

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